Young Prospect Coaches Employment


Team Scouting
Full scouting report of your opponents or your own team, with detailed stats, players characteristics, playbooks and game plans. Total scouting! Our offensive and defensive recommendations for your easy win. Make them play the way they are not used to, areas to exploit on offense and defense! Either if you want a quick fix and one game, next opponent preparation or a detailed and long haul cooperation with full season opponent scouting and detailed video revision!

Team Development
Complete team development! According to your projected budget and goals, conception and construction of your team strategy, coaches and players selection, long term project development or just one season team improvement!


Previous teams:

ZKK „Mladi Krajsnik“ from Banja Luka

Sofija is power forward who can equaly good play as center. She has decent midrange shot and post game. Sofija sets good screens and provide her teammates easy shots. She needs to improve agility.

Strengths: defence, post game

Areas for impovment: agility