Young Prospect Coaches Employment


Team Scouting
Full scouting report of your opponents or your own team, with detailed stats, players characteristics, playbooks and game plans. Total scouting! Our offensive and defensive recommendations for your easy win. Make them play the way they are not used to, areas to exploit on offense and defense! Either if you want a quick fix and one game, next opponent preparation or a detailed and long haul cooperation with full season opponent scouting and detailed video revision!

Team Development
Complete team development! According to your projected budget and goals, conception and construction of your team strategy, coaches and players selection, long term project development or just one season team improvement!

EuroScoutingTM, is an international scouting and recruiting service provided to professional and college basketball teams and programs throughout the world.

Under our mission statement of "Delivering Basketball" we also aim at helping young prospective student athletes seeking college scholarship opportunities and international basketball exposure.

EuroScoutingTM is comprised of already fully employed and established comprehensive network of scouts and basketball professionals situated around the world aimed at providing basketball teams with further professional insight into their prospective players and coaches.

As a full-service organization we assist college programs in identifying, scouting and recruiting basketball talent internationally, and pride ourselves in generously providing recruiting assistance not only to the top NCAA division I teams as the sizable share of our clients also include NCAA Division II and III, NAIA, and NJCAA programs.

College basketball programs, college and high school coaches, parents and student athletes; please visit our Recruiting section here.

For the professional basketball teams EuroScoutingTM offers a comprehensive and affordable scouting service aimed and considerably improving their logistical capabilities when hiring (employing) players as we are fully aware of the scouting troubles which, especially teams with limited budgets face when it comes to hiring unscouted players offered to them by various kinds of agents and managers.

Teams can consider our service as an independent "double-check" system of their prospective players; by using our service teams "protect" themselves as they can save thousands of dollars in airplane tickets, accommodations and administrative fees (visas, working permits, govmt. fees, etc…) they could pay if bringing in a player without the previous knowledge of their form, references and basketball credentials.

Professional basketball teams, please visit our Scouting section.

In addition to the services offered, EuroScoutingTM aspires at supporting various sport and youth education programs and initiatives throughout the world; using the power of sport and play as the common language for friendship, peace, connecting identities and sportsmanship.

By encouraging and assisting various youth initiatives, our office team aims at improving the lives of children by endorsing programs aimed at instilling values like: fair play, teamwork, respect, compassion, commitment, leadership, optimism, joy and integrity.